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All areas from primary level to the specialist areas taught at A Level


English Language and English Literature, and also Verbal Reasoning


Biology, Chemistry and Physics at all levels


French, Spanish, German, Greek, Italian, Latin and Mandarin

Social Sciences

Economics, Politics, Business Studies, Geography, History, Law, Psychology and Religious Studies

Exam Preparation

7+, 11+, Common Entrance, GCSE, A Level and help with university applications

Exam Preparation

Your tutor will introduce exam techniques and guidance on how to perform to the best of your ability on the day.

  • We show you exam techniques
  • We assist you in how to give the right reply to an exam question
  • We provide plenty of exam practice
  • We show you how to manage your time under exam conditions
  • We show you how to check for mistakes which could lose you marks
  • We help you to plan your revision and practice different exam techniques

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